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March 25, 2012


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Now I normally do not do anything like this. . . I don't rant in my journal posts. I typically don't sling mud. However, there are certain codes of behavior that should be observed and since some people can't be held to a rational mature code of behavior. How about we give examples of what is not socially acceptable and let them reap the consequences of their actions, hmm? First allow me to link people to a series of screenshots that were taken of a journal that has since been deleted since the original writer apparently feared "consequences" of their actions. From us, "a pack of dogs", who took no notice of their inexcusable lapse of common sense.

Now here is the first series of screenshots:

Spelling errors and the butchering of grammar and the English language aside, this is the response given when the following happened:

1. This person came onto a third party site called livestream. Over a course of three months, they harassed the artist and others in the stream, consistently threatening to commit suicide, for various reasons, usually because they were told to be quiet. Telling the artist that his artwork would not be "good" unless the breasts of the characters exceeded the size of their heads, and last but not least, feeling the need to explain about their sexuality, which is all recorded on the livestream. The least offensive of these examples is a quote that still irks several regular and long time viewers, they said repeatedly until banned "I am bisexual. But I am not a lesbian. Because I only like guys." Obviously Webster's dictionary is not something they refer to regularly.

2. When they were told that no one cared about their sexuality or lack thereof, the threats of causing harm to themselves began. How cruel we are to tell them that no one cares about their preferences, that no one wants to hear it. How offensive it is to beat people over the head with the subject and their lack of knowledge of the actual definition of their claimed sexuality. The last thing they said to the entire livestream, of which there were 20+ witnesses of this event, was and I quote, " You are so mean to me, I never did anything to you. How can you do this to me, if you don't apologize I will leave forever, and you will be why I cut myself and even kill myself!" unquote. This is not proof of a stable mind. Professional help was advised at the time, and most likely ignored.

3. Late last night, they reappeared on this livestream. I am a mod of this stream and I remembered their prior antics. So, when they started on the same kind of antics about their sexuality and basic attitude, I informed them that they were remembered. To quote myself exactly it was "Gecko, I remember you. Behave." Apparently this friendly warning was taken as an attack instead of instructions to not abuse those in the stream. Well, in their mind well meant warnings are not to be tolerated. As seen above in their journal post. Unfortunately, it did not stop there.

4. Feeling that they couldn't be "mistreated" this way, this person immediately started sending mods and others in the livestream, notes on dA, messages over skype, and sending their friends to harass people because they have the immature and misguided belief that they have been wronged. Here is an example of this:

I may be wrong, but this consists of harassment in my opinion. Against the terms of service of deviant Art, I'm sure appropriate steps will be taken by the administrators of this site in due time. In the meantime, why don't we clarify a few things? I have a couple of questions to ask those who blindly decide to attack people.

How dare you or anyone else trivialize the service anyone who has served their country has given?

How dare you or anyone else attempt to negate the strides someone has taken to overcome a disability for your own mistaken sense of self worth?

Want a couple of definitions to help you? Here you go:

veteran |ˈvetərən; ˈvetrən|
• a person who has served in the military.

color-blind (also colorblind)
• unable to distinguish certain colors, or (rarely in humans) any colors at all

bisexual |bīˈsek sh oōəl|
• a person who is sexually attracted to both men and women.

harassment |həˈrasmənt|
• aggressive pressure or intimidation

immature |ˌiməˈ ch oŏr; -ˈt(y)oŏr|
• (of a person or their behavior) having or showing emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger

deficient |diˈfi sh ənt|
• insufficient or inadequate

idiot |ˈidēət|
noun informal
• a stupid person.

The first few are to help you realize that you really need to keep a dictionary on hand so that those who would dare try to dismiss others can actually understand what they are saying. The last describe in detail what this type of behavior amounts to. Webster's dictionary is remarkably able to clarify these terms for you if you are having difficulty.

To those who share my concerns that such behavior is actually acceptable by anyone, regardless of age, nationality, race, sexuality or gender;

How long are we going to silently condone acts like this?

I can only say that for myself, I refuse to condone the level of asinine acts of people who are too self-entitled and self-absorbed to pay attention to the world around them. This is my statement against the blind bigotry and idiocy that seems to be consuming the members of the community and I urge all those with standards and minds of their own to show their support for those who have had enough.

Tell a service member you appreciate them.
Support artists who are not going to sit idly on perceived laurels of their success, but constantly improve and strive to become better.
Don't condone with silence, the type of behavior that is being displayed in the community.
Seek to enlighten and instruct. Don't let those who want to improve their minds and talents languish lost in the miasma of ignorance and petty name calling.

In short: Don't be a Gecko or their friends.


Well, apparently my post did not go over well, here is their response.

And to someone else, because they seem to think that someone else is responsible for my post:
  • Mood: Sickened
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flareon7the7flare Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow first things first its not right to go and make fun of someone cause they're colorblind, thats just sick. also being a child myself, that dosent give Gecko the right to just throw a tempertantrum just because a few things where said, thats just being immature. and i thinking of letting my uncle, aunt and grandfather read this because they all served in the navy. aunt and uncle met there, he got a heartattack and got a honorable discharge. and my grandad had to retire. this is just sickening from someone who has a family full of veterans and for a child herself.....
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
N7NX Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow that person is a jerk
MrWeasels Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
You're right, E. This lady's a cock through and through.
Sad she had to drag N, J and co. into this mess.
*sigh* Some people...
Mar-X Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
Don't you just love the complete disregard for common decency.
Ramones-MLP Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
I find this completely confusing. Who was harassing who? What is the issue? Where did all this come from?!
Circle98 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Geez, a lot of drama in the streams lately...
Meshla Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Now as much as i think my two cents are not needed and it is now kind of beating a dead horse. Alex-Teddy I do not see how the concern of age is ridiculous yes an adolescences can be very mature as you yourself have demonstrated, but if you enter a conversation (which essentially live stream can be considered) that clearly states that it is rated and or recommended NC-17 it is expected that all within act accordingly. (again being mature doesn't necessarily mean age, I know many immature adults, but to act accordingly is to take cues from others there.)

As to the acts of whoever banned them from the stream (I am a little confused as to who all did what in some circumstances) they had all right first of all they initiated this "conversation" and if it were to be one in a public place rather then banning them the accused would be ostracized and avoided because no one wants to hear what they have to say. To touch briefly on telling her nobody cares what she has to say and her saying they caused here to kill herself. Well the stream is not the proper forum for these issues if she want to talk to others about being a bisexual then there are discussion groups and communities that provide open ears, now I don't mean that that's the only place these people should be excluded to, everyone regardless of race,sexual preferences and such must be allowed to do as they like. Though this does not mean that it must be brought up everywhere. There is a time and place for everything.

Such as if I wanted to point out that maybe I am gay or I am a transvestite I wouldn't just show up in a random channel to talk about it. In less it was to bring it up as a discussion point. For example " hey guys I am a transvestite" other participates "oh really why" or "that's interesting". Or they could say "so why bring it up" or with less tact "we don't care" they have all right as this is not the purpose of the stream. Now this became a little more long winded I wanted, but here it is judge me as you will.
AlexTeddy888 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
In this case, I'd like to say that both Empusa and the accused in question are at fault.

Indeed, the accused has handled herself incredibly poorly. She resorted to using a valuable but fragile tool, in this case DeviantArt, to express anger to someone else. This is morally wrong, and Empusa has rights to report her for defamation or unnecessary abuse.

The accused is unintelligent enough to discriminate against homosexuals, disobey the rules at her whim and causes public mischief while others are trying to enjoy their time on a Livestream. I'd be as agitated as Empusa should this be the case.

However, Empusa also shouldn't abuse her authority. Even as a war veteran, she must put pride aside and take humility into her actions. The whole "concern of age" thing is ridiculous. You respect people because these people have discipline. Empusa does not deserve all the respect that people give her. No matter how many battles, surgeries and ordeals she went through, she is in no right to use that for a pity party.

Now, I'm not saying I don't respect war veterans here. Regardless of nationality, gender or age, these people have done a service to their nations and almost forgave their lives for them. But, we are currently speaking in the enclosed context of morality and self-control.

Moral of the story? Look at yourself before you look at others. Your actions lead to someone else's others. Also, you shouldn't use age, gender, race or occupation as a status. Use your discipline and moral - how you handle situations, how you present yourself, and how you prevent such incidents like this from occurring - that is what makes a person truly respectable.

By the way, I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who was banned before. I hold no grudges to Empusa whatsoever - she is righteous in her actions - although I plead for further explanation of rules and leniency to accidental occurrences. The request does not have to be fulfilled. (I'm Alex from the LS).
shrikil7 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Am I really the only one who thinks that she has a point?

Now let me say first that, yes, she handled herself incredibly poorly but did you really need to post this journal and call her out like that? This could have easily been solved with bans and reports to deviantart. Hell, you could have even just ignored her.

Again, let me clarify that I am not condoning her actions as her comments were horrible. People just need to learn not to not be offended by things, but how to be offended by things. We don't need to know. This is between you guys and her.

Also I really do think you veterans are fantastic people. You have more guts and courage than I, and most of the rest of us, do. What I don't like, is when you start thinking you deserve special treatment because you are veterans.

We all love you and you have your holiday. We all appreciate everything you do and everything you've sacrificed for us, but does that make you fundamentally better people than us?
No. Frankly, it's highly conceited to even think so.

Regardless, Aphex is a fantastic artist and I actually used to frequent his streams. The only reason I don't anymore is because I don't have much time, between college all week and work all weekend.

I think both parties are being immature in how this situation is being handled.
jluvswicked Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Also, I was basically rolling on the floor at her description of "bisexual." :lol: And your guys' reaction of "No one cares" seems more than appropriate. Good thing I never saw her on the stream, my ambiguously gay ass would've been trying to explain it to her how it actually works. :P Not that she would've listened, from what I've read. Ah well...
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